Hillary’s Excuse: “I Was Sleep-Deprived”

Retracting her bogus claims of experiencing a harrowing scene on arrival in Bosnia, Hillary dithered, “I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke.” So each of the countless times she recited the debunked drama, stamped a “real whopper” by the Washington Post, drowsiness prompted the concocted embellishments?

What’s worse is that Hillary’s account was challenged a week ago by the comedian Sinbad, who accompanied her on the trip. He listed the scariest moment as deciding where to eat, in a region described as “one of the safest places in Bosnia.” Yet she dismissed him as a comedian and proceeded to elevate the story’s drama, citing “landing under sniper fire” and running for safety “with our heads down.” Take a look at the clip showing her arriving in Tuzla, Bosnia:

Finally, the media is dismantling Hillary’s experience facade, shining a spotlight on her more egregious claims. See her exaggerations about bringing peace to Northern Ireland and falsehoods about negotiations in Kosovo. And her famed human rights address in China? Exactly what she chides Obama for, simply a speech.


One Response to Hillary’s Excuse: “I Was Sleep-Deprived”

  1. Give the Lady a break. She ducked because of the bloody awful outfit and no make-up!

    Same story but you are more up-to-date.
    My Link

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