More on the Stimulus


Here’s a heat map that shows state-by-state allocations for the portions of the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act for which we could establish where the money is going (numbers from the Center for American Progress).  The darker a state, the more money it receives.

The average state receives $1707 per person, and the $825 billion package is spread out fairly evenly over the country.  There are, however, two places that benefit particularly well from the bill:  Alaska fetches $2550 per person, more than three standard deviations above the mean, and DC gets $2821 a head, nearly 4.2 standard deviations above the mean.

With this bill, Alaska continues its tradition of reaping bounty from federal coffers.  The state received $506.34 per capita in earmarks last year, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense, the highest in the country.  Number two was Hawaii at $226.86, less than half of Alaska’s tally.

Complete stimulus figures state-by-state after the jump.

State Per Person
District of Columbia $2,821.74
Alaska $2,549.93
Rhode Island $2,274.48
New York $2,102.07
Vermont $2,076.39
Wyoming $2,008.76
North Dakota $1,948.62
Michigan $1,859.36
Montana $1,850.24
West Virginia $1,829.74
Mississippi $1,823.99
Hawaii $1,808.73
Maine $1,807.88
Delaware $1,798.21
New Jersey $1,796.68
Louisiana $1,791.06
Pennsylvania $1,772.94
South Dakota $1,753.31
New Mexico $1,743.64
Missouri $1,742.34
Indiana $1,742.26
Connecticut $1,736.52
North Carolina $1,732.74
Illinois $1,728.47
California $1,724.04
Ohio $1,714.27
South Carolina $1,712.13
Massachusetts $1,709.77
Alabama $1,701.02
Arkansas $1,698.54
Minnesota $1,695.27
Kentucky $1,693.51
Tennessee $1,689.49
Oregon $1,672.80
Georgia $1,658.11
Nevada $1,638.36
Idaho $1,627.49
Oklahoma $1,614.34
Florida $1,601.89
Arizona $1,590.73
Washington $1,586.45
Wisconsin $1,576.06
Texas $1,564.11
Iowa $1,558.67
Nebraska $1,553.19
Kansas $1,516.70
Maryland $1,512.36
New Hampshire $1,481.98
Colorado $1,431.33
Virginia $1,422.30
Utah $1,388.67

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