A Confused 41

Washington Whispers reports:

When the subject of Palin came up during their chat, [H.W.] Bush told of twice phoning her office but never receiving a call back. The first message was left at McCain HQ after she was picked to be Sen. John McCain’s veep; the second with the governor’s office after the election was over. He shrugged it off as staff error, but our source says he was clearly perplexed.

Somehow, Palin’s scheduling team found time for two radio jockeys from Montreal, but couldn’t return a former president’s call.  Mistakes like that understandably led the governor to lose trust in her staff, but even the best team can’t entirely mask a candidate’s deficiencies on the national stage.  Vice presidential nominees must do interviews, debates, and more, which are all opportunities to puncture a facade.  Unfortunate for Palin, otherwise she could have run one of those “front porch” campaigns.


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