Digging Through the Exit Polls

Expanding the Electorate: Among the 13% of the electorate that did not vote in 2004, Obama won 71-27, which multiplies out to a 5.72% lead – 87% of his national margin.  Essentially, he built his landslide by rooting out new and sporadic voters.

Party Defection: For all the hubbub about PUMA, perhaps the most over-hyped story of the cycle, Obama captured 89% of Democrats – the same performance as Kerry and Gore.  Clinton Democrats went 83-16 for Obama.

Regional Republicans: Obama swept the Northeast (+19), the West (+17), and the Midwest (+10); McCain won only the South (+9).  On a related note, the Republicans now have zero representatives from New England and are outnumbered everywhere else except in the South.

Battle of the Veeps: 66% said Biden was qualified to be president; only 38% said the same about Palin.  Among those doubting Palin’s qualifications, Obama won 82-16.


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