The Enigma of Georgia

Ambers on the Peach State:

A Republican who is tracking the data predicts that black voters will make up 35-36% of the electorate —  C + 5.

A claim backed up the early voting statistics so far, which break down the electorate as 60.7% white and 35.6% black.

Pollster currently shows Obama down 5.4% in the state, but all the polls that release demographic breakdowns place black turnout at around 26-27%.  Rejigger the results for 35% black turnout and Obama surges into a lead of anywhere from one to five points.


One Response to The Enigma of Georgia

  1. DesiPol says:

    Obama winning Georgia would be “Audacity of Hope”! I think so far 1.4 million Georgians voted but we don’t know the breakdown but we know it was black voters overwhelmingly. Let us hope for the best!

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