Updated Voter Turnout Spreadsheet

Some readers have complained about the online spreadsheet lagging, so here’s an updated version available for download (.xls).  There’s one new feature: you can change overall voter turnout and allocate the new voters however you like.

We ran a test scenario: increase turnout by twenty percent over ’04 and give the new voters 2:1 to Obama.  Results after the jump:

*Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, and Ohio – a combined 73 electoral votes – turn blue. Keeping everything else constant from 2004, Obama would win the election 325-213.

*McCain’s lead in Missouri (11 EV) dwindles to 0.54%; in Virginia (13), 1.40%.


4 Responses to Updated Voter Turnout Spreadsheet

  1. hico67 says:

    All u have on you litle bone head of a brain is ripping Mcanin . Over and over agian u do this.

  2. Is there some reason you require two inputs of percentages (cols G and H)? Since you’re ignoring third parties, wouldn’t it more sense to eliminate column H and calculate it as =100 – G ? Or, if you want to get tricky, allow the user to input EITHER column G or H, and then calculate the other (admittedly that’s a bit tougher in Excel).

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