VP Buzz

The Tribble Ad Agency wades through domain registrars, concluding that Sebelius will wind up as Obama’s VP pick.  Furthermore, the article disqualifies Biden for the position, as ObamaBiden.com is registered to Lyle Dean of San Francisco.  According to the agency, “that’s a show stopper… because there is no way that Obama would allow this to happen with the domain name owned by someone else with unknown political views”

Yet in 2004, Kerry picked Edwards even though KerryEdwards.com was already owned by Kerry Edwards, a Hoosier who promptly put the site up for sale.  The Democratic campaign didn’t end up owning the domain, declaring the five-figure asking price too steep.  Instead, the team stuck with johnkerry.com, a perfectly satisfactory alternative.

Just saying, Biden remains firmly in the running.  And in our opinion, he’s the pick.


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