The Truth on Taxes

Your Tax Impact

McCain peddles outright lies on national television, including the bogus claim that Obama supports a “tax increase on anyone making more than $42,000 a year.”  And he has the gall to say he’s “very sorry” about the campaign’s negative turn.


One Response to The Truth on Taxes

  1. I’ve seen these figures before. I know they’re right, but what I haven’t got yet is a link to a more thorough explanation of them. Do you happen to have one?

    Negativity per se doesn’t bother me, but the outright lies about taxes and energy policy do. Where McCain has really lost my respect is with his ethnically charged ads while at the same time accusing Obama of playing the “race card” because Obama had the nerve to defend himself against such tactics.

    By the way, do you know BlogCatalog? There are the usual assortment of nuts, as in any place that offers an online forum, but there are some good politically minded bloggers too. If you do find yourself over there, you’ll see me using the same avatar as I do here.

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