Yes, More Debates!

The McCain and Obama campaigns have initiated discussions over the debate schedule, with each side desiring more than the customary three. McCain is furiously pitching ten town-hall meetings, while Obama wants somewhere between three and ten in a mix of formats. We plunge into this debate over debates, presenting the benefits for Obama today.

Experience: More debates elevate the allegedly inexperienced Obama, granting him a level of credibility unlikely to be earned in only two or three face-to-face meetings. If the Illinois senator consistently displays a dexterity of the issues, matching or even surpassing McCain’s, he could partially erase the inexperience smudge on his record.

Gaffe-Gate: The more debates, the higher the probability that McCain will commit an embarrassing gaffe. In town-hall settings this year, the senator has blundered numerous times: saying troops were down to pre-surge levels, implying America waged the Iraq war for oil, and calling Putin the president of Germany. Now picture one of these muffs occurring, followed by Obama gently correcting McCain. The moment would instantly be entrenched in YouTube lore and could carry the same magnitude as Ford’s Soviet Union bungle.

Personality: Obama radiated a calm and collected nature in the last few Democratic debates, while McCain occasionally dipped into snideness and sarcasm during the Republican face-offs. Essentially, Obama appeared presidential and McCain did not. More airtime would solidify the contrast in public personality, lending Obama an air of gravitas essential against a grizzled war veteran.

Arguments for the opposing side are coming soon.


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