Edwards Endorsement: Deft Strategy

Tonight’s political maneuvering represents yet another tactical victory for the Obama campaign.  Now, the story is no longer Hillary’s forty-one point blowout in West Virginia, but Obama reclaiming his momentum with a major endorsement.

Edwards decided to endorse recently, but before last night, indicated by his speechwriter’s Facebook status yesterday morning – “writing a speech.”  Then the Obama campaign held the endorsement in its back pocket, putting it on the table the day after West Virginia.  Hillary is going on all the major news networks tonight to try to capitalize on her victory, but the Edwards endorsement will clearly overshadow that.  Again, it’s a brilliant strategic move by the Obama forces.  There had been speculation that Obama would release his April fundraising numbers to stifle a momentary Clinton surge.  Instead of money, it’s one of the biggest endorsements left.


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