Roundup: The Day After

Via The Page, Hillary said today, “It’s still early…. This is a dynamic electoral environment.” Forty-seven contests in, and she characterizes the race as “early.” Mathematical reality has solidified, and she calls the race “dynamic.” There is a clear disconnect here, bordering on ridiculous.

What’s Hillary’s rationale for continuing?  Dianne Feinstein, a California Senator and Clinton-backer, wants an answer.

Combined, Clinton and Obama received 300,000 more votes in Indiana than Kerry did in ’04. Look at a couple of polls showing Obama beating McCain there in the general, and a state Bush won by twenty could be in play this November.

Obama netted 230,000 votes from North Carolina, offsetting Hillary’s margin of victory (215,000) in Pennsylvania. By doing so, he dismantled any popular vote argument the Clintons had hoped to make.

David Plouffe sends a memo to superdelegates, hitting on electability:

It is important to note that Senator Obama leads Senator Clinton in superdelegate endorsements among Governors, United States Senators and members of the House of Representatives. These elected officials all have a keen sense for who our strongest nominee will be in November.

An excerpt from Obama’s poignant victory speech, illustrating his patriotism:

That’s why I’m in this race.  I love this country too much to see it divided and distracted at this moment in history.  I believe in our ability to perfect this union because it’s the only reason I’m standing here today.  And I know the promise of America because I have lived it.

It is the light of opportunity that led my father across an ocean.

It is the founding ideals that the flag draped over my grandfather’s coffin stands for – it is life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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