Obama Wins Maryland

Three-for-three tonight, eight in a row.  Exit polls project a substantial victory for Obama with a margin upwards of twenty percent.  Take-aways:

* 54% said Obama was the most qualified to be commander in chief; 43% said the same about Clinton.

* Obama won every income group, except, ironically, those making $200,000 and up.  Traditionally, Obama performs better among up-scale voters while Hillary draws more votes from blue-collar workers.

* Obama won every age group, including those sixty-five and older.

* Among independents – Obama 68%, Clinton 24%.

* Among whites – Clinton 53%, Obama 46%.  Obama won white men by ten points, while Clinton won white women by thirteen points.

* In a bright spot for the Obama campaign heading into Texas, 53% of Latinos supported him, compared to 47% for Hillary.


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