Clinton’s Executive Experience

In Josh Green’s must-read on the Clinton campaign shakeup, one part stands out:

As much as Clinton touts her own “executive experience” and judgment, she made Solis Doyle her campaign manager because of Solis Doyle’s loyalty, rather than her skill, despite a trail of available evidence suggesting she was unsuited for the role.

None of the three candidates left on both sides of the race have much executive experience; their campaign is the largest organization they have managed. Look to the campaign as an indicator of management ability, and Hillary’s skills are unimpressive.

The key attribute in a Hillary staffer is loyalty, trumping ability. Solis Doyle exemplified this twisted trait hierarchy, staying on as campaign manager despite numerous mishaps. Presidents are obligated to surround themselves with qualified advisers, yet Hillary adheres to Bush’s cronyism mentality. Incompetence contributed to Bush’s botched seven years, and Hillary’s mindset augurs a similar path were she to become president.

And there’s evidence of a campaign characterized by secrecy and deception:

Over the last seven years, Clinton had raised $175 million for her reelection and her presidential campaign. But Solis Doyle didn’t tell Clinton that there was next to no cash on hand until after the New Hampshire primary.”We were lying about money,” a source said. “The cash on hand was nothing.”

In turn, Clinton didn’t tell Solis Doyle that she was lending her own money to keep the campaign afloat. Solis Doyle found out third-hand.

All in all, not qualities wanted in the Oval Office.


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