Clinton Cash Crunch

Distressing news from the Clinton campaign surfaced today as several senior staffers are reportedly working without pay this month, even with Hillary’s $5 million self-loan.  The campaign appears in dire financial straits, as advisers say Hillary is considering another loan.

While Hillary’s suffering financially, Obama’s coffers are bursting with newfound wealth.  The campaign has raised $2.2 million in the last 24 hours and is on pace for a $30 million February.

As of now, Hillary’s been relying on a small base of large donors contributing the maximum $2,300.  Now that support is tapped out, and she seems to be struggling to find a replacement.  In contrast, Obama has attracted several hundred thousand donors, of which only 3% have maxed out.  He can come back again and again to his vast base throughout the primary season.

The cash crunch amplifies the difficulties of the month ahead for the Clinton campaign.  Many of the contests are favorable terrain for Obama, and Hillary is not expected to perform well until March 4 when Ohio and Texas vote.  Money follows momentum; without enough decisive victories, Clinton’s cash woes may continue.


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