Hillary’s Handicaps

From The Caucus:

[Hillary Clinton] said that she had always known that competing in Iowa — where she’s in a race that has increasingly tightened with her rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards — would be hard.  “I always knew it would be hard,” she said, listing the handicaps she faced by not living in a neighboring state, not having been here much in many years before this race, and that her husband hadn’t campaigned here when he was running. (emphasis added)

The last “handicap” is absolutely outrageous, admitting that she wouldn’t be a viable candidate if she weren’t married to Bill.  And even in New Hampshire, where Bill campaigned fiercely on his way to the “Comeback Kid” title, Obama has pulled even.

In the second “handicap”, Clinton singles out Edwards for the time he’s spent in Iowa since 2003.  Yet, she’s the one benefiting from the Clinton political machine, the dominant fixture in Democratic circles long before Edwards’ ’04 run.  More hypocrisy from Hillary.


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