Romney Goes Negative

Watching Mike Huckabee catapult to the lead in Iowa, Mitt Romney decided to fire the first negative volley of the Republican contest, aimed squarely at the affable Arkansas governor.  The Romney campaign is now airing a television ad focusing on Huckabee’s liberal immigration policies while governor, entitled “Choice: The Record.”  The ad’s below:

So far, Huckabee has not undergone the intense media scrutiny usually directed at a top-tier candidate.  With only 3 weeks left before Iowa, including the holidays, there is little time for other candidates to step in and start defining him.  Giuliani, who benefits from a muddled outcome in Iowa, will surely not risk the backlash associated with such direct negative campaigning.  McCain has largely written off the state, and even if competitive, doesn’t have the financial resources necessary.  That leaves the task up to Romney, the candidate with the most to lose from an Iowa loss.  Anything short of a first-place finish is a significant blow to Romney, who has invested millions in the state paramount to his momentum strategy.


One Response to Romney Goes Negative

  1. Meena says:

    This is a well-written and thoughtful blog! You have original insights and perspectives that are very valid and not expressed in the mainstream media. The media “pundits” sagely parrot each other, afraid to go out on their own or think independently. The exception is Tim Russert.

    It will be interesting to see your opinion on why Huckabee is not being questioned on serious issues such as the economy, foreign policy, and immigration the way others are grilled. Surely, if he wins the Republican nomination, he will turn out to be a weak candidate even for the conservative Republicans. The base still needs jobs, homes, a strong foreign policy and health insurance. These are universal human issues.

    Another issue that needs to be addressesd is what the candidates would do about the abuse of presidential powers. Would anyone relinquish the excessive powers of the current White House? If they are here to stay, it is a serious problem for a country that claims to believe in a strong democracy and champions itself as its proponent.

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