National Polls on the Democratic Side

After the Oct. 30 debate in Philadelphia, national polls across the board show a dip in Hillary Clinton’s lead.  Before the debate, CNN had: Clinton – 51%, Obama – 21%, Edwards, 15%.  After: Clinton – 44%, Obama – 25%, Edwards – 14%.  Pre-debate, Rasmussen had: Clinton – 49%, Obama – 22%, Edwards – 12%.  Post-debate: Clinton – 41%, Obama – 22%, Edwards – 13%.

Note that in the CNN poll, Obama jumped up, while Edwards actually slipped a point.  Obama’s debate strategy of (mainly) staying above the fray and letting Edwards do most of the heavy hitting seems to have worked.

UPDATE: Another poll to back up this storyline.  The latest WNBC/Marist poll, taken before and after the debate, shows Clinton much weaker in the post-debate sample, dropping from 52% to 43%.   The biggest gainer was “undecided”, moving up from 16% to 22%.


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