Surprising Poll Numbers

The latest Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll reveals an interesting tidbit about the Republican race.  One question: “Could you vote for a candidate for president who supports abortion and gay rights if you agree with him on other issues, or could you only vote for a candidate for president who opposes these issues?”  Out of the 39% of Republican primary voters who could only vote for candidates opposing these issues, 19% are supporting Giuliani in the primary.  Another surprising number: a plurality (20%) of Republicans believe Giuliani would be the best among the field at handling social issues such as abortion and gay rights.

There are some fascinating general election numbers revealing Obama’s immense cross-over appeal.  In a hypothetical Clinton vs. Giuliani matchup, Clinton gets 10% of registered Republicans.  On the other hand, Obama is supported by 23% of registered Republicans in a Obama/Giuliani contest.  Clinton vs. Thompson – the junior NY senator gets 12% of Republicans.  Obama vs. Thompson – Obama gets 22% of Republicans.  Obama also beats Clinton in Republican support against McCain and Romney by five and three points, respectively.


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