Ramping up his efforts to spark his stagnating campaign, Barack Obama told Wolf Blitzer of CNN that his campaign is moving into the “next phase”, meaning Obama’s going to increasingly emphasize his differences with Clinton.  The first signs of the shift in strategy were spread across the New Hampshire Union Leader’s op-ed page, with Obama criticizing Clinton (and by name, not a veiled shot) for her Iraq vote and recent support of the Lieberman-Kyl amendment.  A choice quote from Obama’s editorial: “Five years after the original vote for war in Iraq, Sen. Clinton has argued that her vote was not for war — it was for diplomacy, or inspections. But all of us knew what the Senate was debating in 2002.”  He then pivots to the present, saying “I strongly differ with Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was the only Democratic presidential candidate to support this reckless [Lieberman-Kyl] amendment.”

A day before the Nobel Peace Prize is set to be announced, Al Gore surpassed Obama on the political futures website,  Clinton leads the race for the Democratic nomination with a commanding 68.0, Gore’s a distant second with 12.7, while Obama trails close behind at 11.5.


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