Rudy at $17 Million

The last top-tier candidate from either party to announce fundraising results, Rudy Giuliani reported raising $17 million in the second quarter, with $15 million allocated for primary funds. Giuliani has the most cash on hand among the Republicans at $18 million; Romney has $12 million, and McCain has $2 million. The campaign doubled the number of donors from the first quarter. So rounding up the results:

Barack Obama – $32.5 million ($31.5 million – primary)

Hillary Clinton – $27 million ($21 million – primary)

Mitt Romney – $20.5 million (all primary)

Rudy Giuliani – $17 million ($15 million – primary)

John McCain – $11.2 million ($10.4 million – primary)

John Edwards – $9 million (all primary)


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