Barack Obama – $32.5 Million

Barack Obama’s campaign announced raising a staggering $32.5 million for the second quarter with $31 million available for the primaries.  258,000 people have contributed to the campaign over the first half of the year, a widespread show of appeal.  In a blog post, campaign manager David Plouffe proudly pointed out:

Our financial success will provide the campaign important momentum. But there is practical application as well, which gives us a decided advantage in the nomination fight.

First, we are on a financial course that will allow us to both fully fund efforts in the early primary and caucus states, and also participate vigorously in all the February 5 contests, including large states like California, New Jersey, New York, Georgia and Missouri…

Secondly, because so many states are holding early contests that may have significant impact on deciding the ultimate Democratic nominee, a winning campaign will need deep organizations in dozens of states to prevail. Our more than 258,000 donors provide us the foundation of an unprecedented volunteer army in all 50 states. We also have thousands more who are not able to contribute but are already volunteering or who plan too. For example, early in June, more than 10,000 Americans took part in our “Walk for Change” — canvassing neighborhoods in all 50 states, visiting more than 350,000 households.

Hillary Clinton raised in the range of $27 million, John Edwards more than $9 million, and Bill Richardson $7 million.


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