Fundraising Watch – Republicans

In the first quarter, Mitt Romney donated $2.35 million to his campaign.  This quarter, spokesman Kevin Madden said Romney contributed a similar amount.  Campaign aides say Romney won’t beat the $20.8 million raised in the first quarter, but will break George W. Bush’s record take in the first half of 2000.  Note that the comparison is flawed, because the contribution limit was $1,000 back then, compared to $2,300 now.  Bush also didn’t start heavy fundraising until March, while Romney started with the New Year.

Romney’s numbers may also flag because of his limited donor pool in the first quarter.  He had 32,074 contributions, relying on a small base of maxed-out contributors.  This quarter, he needs to show he can expand his financial support.

Rudy Giuliani’s camp hasn’t talked about much fundraising buzz, but he will likely raise significant amounts after leading in most GOP national polls.  John McCain has been trying to ratchet down expectations, and it doesn’t appear as if he will match his paltry first-quarter effort of $13 million.


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