Fundraising Watch – Democrats

Barack Obama’s campaign has disclosed nearly 250,000 people have donated in the first half of the year.  More than 138,000 have contributed in the second quarter, although a campaign aide says the average contribution will likely be less than the roughly $247 in the first quarter.  Estimate the average donation at $215, multiply by 138,000, and you get a hefty $29.67 million.

Hillary Clinton also looks to do well, with aides saying she’ll beat her first-quarter effort.  Bill Clinton has been active earlier than planned (scheduled to attend at least 20 fundraisers this quarter) , providing another boost to her numbers.

The Huffington Post said anonymous sources from both candidates said Obama would out-raise Clinton for the quarter, but the report was denied by an Obama spokesman.

John Edwards has a goal of $9 million for the quarter, set in an email by Joe Trippi to supporters.  The campaign has said they only need $40 million by the year’s end, a target Edwards says he will meet.

In the first quarter, each of the three candidates set fundraising expectations differently.  Obama’s campaign predicted $7 million to $12 million, paling in comparison to the actual $25.7 million.  Edwards predicted $7.4 million, the record-breaking amount he raised in the first quarter of 2003.  The actual figure?  $14 million.  Hillary Clinton was the only candidate for which the predictions came close to the real figure: $25 million to $25.8 million.


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