Good News for Giuliani

Now, both New Jersey and New York are likely to have winner-take-all primaries on the Republican side, a move tremendously helpful to Rudy Giuliani.    In the RCP average, Giuliani is up by almost 28% in New Jersey, and he has shown a commanding lead in New York polls.

One thing I don’t like about winner-take-all primaries is that it moves the primary process closer to the Electoral College.  Since the Electoral College system isn’t going to change, the primary process should be preserved with delegates awarded in proportion to candidates’ support.

It remains to be seen if the Democrats do the same thing in the two states, which would boost Hillary Clinton (up by 18% in NJ).


2 Responses to Good News for Giuliani

  1. Lars says:

    Actually there is a movement to change the Electoral College. The movement is not designed to get rid of the Electoral College, but simply change the way it operates. The idea is to implement a national popular vote for President and have the Electoral College essentially certify the results. Currently, it acts to ratify the votes of the individual states. This would instead have it ratify the national popular vote.

    A national popular vote would change the current system of battleground and safe states. The campaign would no longer be about winning states, but about winning votes. As such, candidates would campaign everywhere and for every vote. A vote in NJ or NY would be as sought after as a vote in Ohio or Floriday. That is currently not the case.

    Maryland has already adopted the plan and it is pending in 47 states.

  2. Todd Nicholson says:

    Thanks, Lars. For those interested in how this moving, see:

    And check out for thoughts on reforming the primary schedule.

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