Romney’s Major Blunder

Paul Begala of CNN points out that Mitt Romney twice said Saddam Hussein didn’t allow weapons inspectors into Iraq.  However, UN weapons inspectors were in Iraq – before President Bush pulled them out before their work was finished.  That’s a pretty big blunder, which won’t go unnoticed in post-debate analysis.


One Response to Romney’s Major Blunder

  1. Jay Diamond says:

    Paul Begala pointed it out !!?

    I jumped out of my chair when Romney said it !

    What does it say about this process and our citizenry that nobody including Wolf Blitzer (and you too…no offense) caught this or challenged this uter crap.

    Why didn’t the other candidates say anything ?

    And, again, no offense, but why did you need Begala to set you right on this ?

    This was a mere 4 years ago and NOBODY knows this !!!

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