Candidates on Facebook

TechPresident now has a new metric: the number of Facebook supporters a candidate has. It provides yet another way to gauge candidates’ support on the Internet. One word of caution: Many Facebook users are high school students and will not be able to vote in the ’08 election.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama leads with about 85,000 Facebook supporters. Hillary Clinton is a distant second with 21,000 and John Edwards has approximately 7,000.

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney has the most with nearly 10,000, Ron Paul is second with 5,500, and John McCain has slightly over 3,000. Rudy Giuliani doesn’t have a Facebook profile.

The numbers also reaffirm the enthusiasm of Democratic supporters on the Internet compared to their Republican counterparts.

Also, TechPresident reports that Fred Thompson’s campaign will use the Internet in a major way, especially capitalizing on micro-donations, $5-$10 contributions from online supporters. The metrics on TechPresident, such as YouTube views and MySpace friends, should provide a good sense of the grassroots’ enthusiasm for Thompson’s candidacy.


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