Karen Tumulty of Time says Obama’s healthcare proposal “would cost the government an additional $50- $65 billion a year, which Obama said he would pay for by allowing President Bush’s tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year to expire.”

She also says, “Obama rejected … a so-called ‘individual mandate’, similar to that being tried in Massachusetts and proposed in California, where everyone would be required to buy health insurance, just as car owners are now required to carry auto insurance.”

Mitt Romney has not only flip-flopped on social issues, but also on campaign finance reform.  In the most recent Republican debate, he said the campaign-finance reform legislation, McCain-Feingold, was bad.  However, he expressed strikingly different views as Massachusetts governor.  During his time there, Romney called for spending limits on candidates and wanted to abolish political action committees.

But good news for Romney, James W. Pindell and Scott Helman of the Boston Globe report Romney can claim frontrunner status in Iowa, “due in large part to his aggressive and well-organized campaign operation in the Hawkeye State.”


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