Obama on Healthcare

Today, Barack Obama announced his healthcare policy today, the full plan which can be found here (pdf).

Key Points:

Obama will make available a new national health plan giving individuals the opportunity to buy healthcare similar to the plan available to federal employees.

Employers would be forced to provide healthcare; if not, they would have to subsidize the national plan.

Children have to have healthcare, but not adults.

Reducing costs of catastrophic illnesses for employers and their employees: 5% of people with greatest healthcare expenses spent 49% of overall expenditures on healthcare.

Allow buying safe and cheaper medicines from other “developed countries”.

Jonathan Cohn of the New Republic says, “Now, there’s still a ton to like in the plan, to be sure — particularly the meaty material on bringing down costs and improving quality. Good regulation of the insurance industry, too, plus a new public program into which people can enroll.”


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