More on Early Voting and Other News

Howard Fineman of Newsweek reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is hoping to use early voting in California to “create a sense of inevitability about her campaign”. Absentee ballots are sent to Californian voters on January 8, 2008. Four days later, tracking polls will provide early results. The Clinton campaign is targeting these voters and think many of them will be women, who support Clinton more than any other Democratic candidate. Importantly, the results will be publicized before the crucial early state contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

And while Hillary Clinton is holding a contest for her campaign theme song, you can go to Chris Dodd’s website and recommend a song for his iPod.

Bill Richardson has launched a flashy new website after his presidential announcement speech. Alan Rosenblatt of techPresident says the site “provides a welcoming and thorough narrative of his life and experiences … it is impossible to peruse … without getting the sense that this man has an impressive resume for the job.” Indeed the “About Bill” section delves into Richardson’s vast resume, covering his time in Congress, the United Nations, Department of Energy, and governor of New Mexico.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Mike Bloomberg said, “I’m not a candidate for president … the more candidates, the better the public will be served”. He also said on the potential of a third party candidacy, “It depends, if the public comes up with candidates that they find acceptable from two parties, no”.


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