Michael Bloomberg’s Political Donations

Former New York Michael Bloomberg’s past political donations have been nearly perfectly split between Republican and Democratic candidates. As of the end of the 2006 election cycle, Bloomberg had donated $331,200 to Republicans and $327,300 to Democrats, a true independent. He’s donated to John McCain, Chris Dodd, Fred Thompson, and even chipped in for Mitt Romney’s failed 1994 Senate race against Ted Kennedy. Bloomberg has also contributed $5000 to Rudy Giuliani’s Solutions America leadership PAC. On the presidential side, he’s donated to Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and both Bushes.

Bloomberg’s given money to the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, Democratic Congressmen’s leadership PACs, and Republican Congressmen’s leadership PACs. His donations have been diverse and spread out, setting him up perfectly for the “independent” designation.  However, he’s never donated to an independent candidate.


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