Roundup – Sunday Talk Shows, Polling, and More

This Sunday, Barack Obama has an interview with ABC’s This Week, after a somewhat disappointing performance in the first Democratic debate. John McCain appears on Meet The Press and Rudy Giuliani is interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, hoping to reach out to conservative voters after an extremely rough week.

William Buckley presents his view on the credibility of Mitt Romney’s evolving social views, saying “moral history is likely to bow its head to remark this sign of life of the moral conscience”.

The latest InsiderAdvantage poll from South Carolina has Obama leading Hillary Clinton 31%-27%, although Obama’s lead has narrowed from 14 points a month earlier. On the Republican side, it’s Giuliani with 22%, Gingrich at 15%, Romney 10%, and McCain 9%. However, this poll sharply contradicts the ARG poll from a week earlier showing McCain holding a clear advantage over the rest of the field with 36%.

Dick Cheney, on a carrier 150 miles from Iran’s coast, warns the United States will use its naval power to stop Tehran from “gaining nuclear weapons or dominating this region”. The statements came only a week after Condoleezza Rice talked briefly with Iran’s foreign minister.


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