More on Giuliani, Romney, and Tsunami Tuesday

David Von Drehle of Time says:

“Giuliani’s move [to support abortion] is a clear bet that social conservatives’ power in the nominating process will be broken by Tsunami Tuesday — the Feb. 5 super-primary featuring such mass-market states as New York, California and New Jersey. ‘He understands that there are a lot of Republicans out there who are sick of everyone kowtowing to the single-issue extremists,’ said one veteran Republican observer in Washington. ‘He’s breaking from the pack.'”

And Chuck Todd counters:

“From my perspective, all this frontloading has done only one thing: make Iowa even more important. As the very first test, the ‘winner(s)’ of the Iowa Caucuses is (are) going to take on greater significance than ever before – particularly since there is no break between Iowa and everything else. Momentum will be the driving force for these candidates post-Iowa, not money or message.”

In the latest New Hampshire Republican primary poll from SurveyUSA, Mitt Romney leads the bunch with 32% of the vote. McCain and Giuliani are battling for second with 22% and 23% respectively. Some primary voters seem to be echoing, even if Romney’s conversions to more conservative positions are for political purpose, what does it matter? If he becomes president, it’s unlikely he would flip back to more moderate positions and more likely he would support the conservative cause.

Giuliani’s campaign is banking not only on Tsunami Tuesday, but his general election appeal. Currently, Romney is getting trounced by the top three Democratic candidates in most polls, but those numbers can be attributed to a lack of name recognition. With Romney’s advertising blitzes, the next round of national polling should show a bump in his numbers.


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