Intrade Markets – McCain Sharply Rising

In this week in the Intrade prediction markets, John McCain’s “stock” has sharply risen to 28 and is nearing Rudy Giuliani’s 29.4.  McCain’s value has skyrocketed near 40% over the last few days, coinciding with the news of Giuliani’s donations to Planned Parenthood, an abortion-rights organization, and McCain’s renewed strength in early primary polls.  Over the same time period, Giuliani has slipped slightly more than 10%.  Fred Thompson dropped from his peak of 18 and is now hovering near 15.  Mitt Romney has also experienced a sharp increase from 15 to nearly 19.

There have been minor fluctuations on the Democratic side, but Hillary Clinton holds a commanding twenty-point lead over Barack Obama.  John Edwards is mired behind Al Gore (10.7)  at a paltry 8.2.

For more information about Intrade and the political markets, check out this past New York Times article.

And for some reading, The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki.


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