Latest Nevada Poll – Hillary Clinton Leads

In the latest poll from Nevada, Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic field by a staggering margin garnering 37% of the vote. John Edwards comes in a distant second with 13% and Barack Obama has the support of 12%.

The poll is troubling to the Edwards campaign, which hopes to take advantage of Nevada’s large unionized workforce with Edwards’ pro-organized labor policies. In a recent Fortune article, Edwards “hopes to sail into New Hampshire on the wings of top-place showings in Iowa [where he leads] and Nevada”.  If Edwards fails to pick up ground, a poor showing could dampen his efforts in New Hampshire.

In late February, AFSCME sponsored a presidential forum in Carson City, Nevada for the Democratic candidates.  The one no-show was Barack Obama, who has not spent much time in the state so far.

In the first quarter of ’07, Clinton significantly outraised the other Democratic candidates in Nevada, receiving over $300,000 in contributions of $200 or more.  Next was Obama with slightly over $60,000.

On the Republican side, there is a four-way tangle at the top, led by John McCain with 19% of the vote.  Mitt Romney gets 15%, Fred Thompson 13%, and Rudy Giuliani 12%.


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