Democratic Enthusiasm on the Internet

All presidential campaigns maintain impressive websites, with glaring buttons asking for contributions and summaries of the candidates’ stances on issues facing the nation.  On the Democratic side, the top tier of candidates have websites with thousands of visitors a day.  However, has the highest traffic rank according to (a web traffic statistics provider) , ranking 16,000 places ahead of and 23,000 ahead of

Visitors to the Obama website also view more pages than on other websites, indicating a higher level of enthusiasm.  In fact, 53% of users go to, a personal section enabling people to easily host events, raise money, and post a blog.  Obama’s expenditures from the first quarter of 2007 display the campaign’s eagerness to reach grassroots supporters through the Internet as he spent over $70,000 advertising through Google.

The Democratic side as a whole draws much more web traffic than the Republican side.  The three major Republican candidates, McCain, Giuliani, and Romney,  badly lag the top Democratic troika in traffic ranking.  Not only that, but visitors to Republican sites view fewer pages.

Also, Democratic candidates’ websites are more frequently visited by international users than the Republican candidates’.  On average over 90% of visitors to Republican websites come from the United States, compared to around 80% for the Democratic side.

Democrats also lead significantly in other Internet metrics: MySpace friends, YouTube videos viewed, etc.  The main point is whether or not these advantages will translate into electoral victories in 2008.


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