Obama Beats Clinton – Latest Rasmussen Poll

In the latest Rasmussen poll, Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 32%-30%, within the margin of error. John Edwards is a distant third with 17%. The recent South Carolina debate was held after the polling was conducted and the effects of it will be seen in the next round of polling.

However, Ben Smith of the Politico points out a potential caveat.  The Rasmussen report says “Obama has a nineteen-point lead among independents likely to vote in a Democratic primary.”  In many states (New Hampshire being a notable exception), only Democrats can vote in a Democratic party.

A clear generational gap among the candidates is present. Obama is capturing the younger vote, leading among voters 40 and younger. Clinton draws strength from the senior citizen class, winning amongst voters 65 and older.

However, Edwards performs the strongest in general election matchups, the only Democrat to lead all Republican candidates.


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