Christopher Dodd’s Experience

In a recent New York Times article by Mark Leibovich about Chris Dodd’s campaign, there is an interesting tidbit illustrating his vast experience.  Leibovich points out Dodd’s “Senate colleagues Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, and his former colleague John Edwards, have a combined tenure in the chamber barely half Mr. Dodd’s years.”

Dodd was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1974 when Barack Obama was a 13-year-old teenager in Honolulu.  John Edwards was graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in textile technology, and Hillary Clinton had just graduated from Yale Law School.

Joe Biden can boast of similar experience to Dodd, having been elected to the Senate in 1972 and staying in the seat since.  One other candidate for the Democratic nomination was also serving in the Senate in ’72, Mike Gravel.  However, Gravel was challenged for the Democratic nomination in 1980 and lost his seat.  Since then, he hasn’t been in Congress.


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