Obama’s Fundraising in April and Other News

According to the latest numbers on BarackObama.com, the campaign has received 45,841 donations since April 1. In the first quarter of 2007, the average contribution to the Obama campaign was $246. Applying that average to April’s numbers, Obama has raised $11,276,886 this month.

Bob Novak says, “Private House Democratic polls of the 50 most competitive congressional districts project a gain of 9 to 11 seats in the 2008 elections that would be an unprecedented further surge by the party following its 2006 gain of 30 seats that won control of the House.”

How did the prediction markets react to the Democratic debate Thursday night? The winners were Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, rising 10 percent and 100 percent, respectively (Note: Biden’s a penny stock, he went from 0.3 to 0.6). The main loser was John Edwards, who faltered about 5 percent.

Joe Biden’s calling for a 90-minute debate on just Iraq.


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