Romney and Giuliani on Abortion

In an interview with, Mitt Romney said merely choosing conservative judges, an approach Rudy Giuliani has advocated, is not enough. Romney said, “You also have decisions as an administration on things like abstinence education, on the morning-after pill, on teaching kids to wait before they have babies, on insisting on parental responsibility for a father who has an out-of-wedlock child.”

In a clip on YouTube we linked to earlier, Romney echoed similar views by saying, “Well of course, we’re all going to talk about appointing judges that will follow the law and not legislate from the bench. But being pro-life is of course much broader than just the kind of judges you appoint, there’s legislation which month to month and year to year comes forward that can either protect the sanctity of life or can take it away. As governor, I had several measures that came into my desk which affected life and they were not court decisions, they were legislative decisions which I faced as governor.”


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