Republican Update

In the latest Rasmussen poll, Giuliani gets 28% of the vote, leading McCain by 13 points. Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney get 12% and 10%, respectively. Since Thompson has been added to the list of surveyed candidates, Giuliani has been adversely affected the most, dropping 7%.

Even though Thompson would likely draw support from social conservatives, a recent Los Angeles Times article shows conservative Christians like Giuliani apart from his stances on abortion. Giuliani has shown his strength in general-election matchups against the Democratic frontrunners which may cause evangelicals to back him.

However, Giuliani has exposed himself to a Kerryesque flip-flop label, a characterization Mitt Romney may have acquired to his unfavorable ratings exceeding 50 percent.

Nonetheless, the president doesn’t rule on social issues such as Roe v. Wade, as that task is confined to the judicial branch. Giuliani has pledged to appoint strict-constructionist judges who would side with the evangelicals on issues such as abortion.

McCain has also declared his intention to have strict-constructionist judges, saying they “should be people who respect the limited scope afforded federal judges under the Constitution”.

And Mitt Romney has also put out a clip on YouTube declaring his view on judges.


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